Fairuz – “Adaysh Kan Fe Nas (Lofi Remix)”

In 2018, I produced a lofi hip hop track that sampled “Adaysh Kan Fe Nas” by Fairuz, one of Lebanon’s most beloved and iconic singers. In 2021, I was approached by MDLBEAST about releasing it commercially. They got to work clearing the sample, and on January 20, 2022, the track was released on all major platforms as an official Fairuz remix.

The New Arab Voice

I was commissioned by Alaraby to compose an opening theme and some music beds for their Middle Eastern news podcast, The New Arab Voice.

The Lebanese Politics Podcast

A track I composed called “Zuhal” was selected to be used as the opening theme for The Lebanese Politics Podcast.

Fat Bunny

I composed original music and did some sound design work for the mobile game Fat Bunny, developed by Groovy Antoid.

MEMakers (Wamda x GE)

MEMakers was a partnership between Wamda and GE established to encourage and foster innovation in the Middle East. I composed a short jingle for MEMakers video content.